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Transfer spend of Arsenal and other PL clubs since 1992

The post I am about to write is based on the image above which I found here. Any praise or questions about the figures should be directed to them as I am merely analysing and talking about the stats they have created, enjoy! This post as shown by the title is about the transfer spend … Continue reading

TS: Mata on brink of joining Arsenal, Samba denies desire to leave

Wow, what a few days for transfer speculation as an Arsenal fan. I did a post just a few days ago looking at departures from the club but today I’m back with a much happier blog post looking at potential arrivals to the club. Just a quick note the ‘TS’ in the blog title stands … Continue reading

Transfer Season: JET, Eboue to depart and Wigan midfielder in?

Hello, I’m back with another transfer season update after my last post previewed the upcoming season (found here). The bulk of transfer rumours in the past few days has been involving players leaving the club so if you get upset over players departing, I’d click off the page now… (I’d like it if you didn’t … Continue reading

A look ahead to the new season

I thought I’d take a break from the transfer season blog posts this week and preview the upcoming footballing season for Arsenal. I would’ve liked to do this post closer to the season starting but as I will be on holiday soon, I thought I’d make sure I get it done. The TeamLet’s start off … Continue reading

Transfer Season: Futures of Cesc, Clichy + Cahill, Gervinho set to sign?

Welcome to another transfer season edition. Wouldn’t normally do two within such short space of each other but the last few days have warranted one. Gervinho I’ll start with the Ivorian striker who has been “close to joining Arsenal” for the last few months it seems. Well it looks like the wait might finally be … Continue reading

Transfer Season: Ricardo Alvarez, Nani and Insulting Catalans

  Right, here goes another transfer season edition and I’ll start with probably the biggest news involving Arsenal recently. That man above is NOT a Lionel Messi lookalike (anyone else see the resemblance) but is in fact the player that is apparently as good as signed for arsenal. News about Arsenal’s interest came out months … Continue reading

Transfer Season: Cesc, Gervinho and Greedy Samir Nasri?

Transfer Season: Denilson, Hazard and Super Chris Samba?

Arsenal 2-1 Barcelona: 15YOG’s Account


Just a brief one today Let’s be honest. We’re all glad that’s over. The Fulham game, the bad run, the season. It’s all been going downhill for such a long time and a summer off is exactly what we need. The most painful thing is watching such a mediocre Manchester United side lift the trophy. … Continue reading