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There’s always next year…(part 4)

This is going to be a fairly brief post as I don’t think there’s any need for wholesale change in this area. There isn’t much wrong with the two we currently have in there (Wilshere & Song) and the main reason we faltered in this position towards the end of the season was fatigue and injury.

Although many want Diaby shipped out, I believe he’s immensely talented and deserves one more season. After all we must remember it’s not actually his fault he’s so injury prone; we have a thug from Sunderland to thank for that. If he can start stringing a few games together, he can be a class player but if next season is more of the same, Wenger will have to say enough’s enough.

Denlison – out, gone, see ya, hasta-la-bye-bye, jog on. Whatever you want to say, he is not an Arsenal quality player. No progression since ar
ound 08/09 and this season has been a shambles. His substitution against WBA was cheered and he’s not been seen since. Well, he’s been heard (or rather read) since, when he said how Arsenal weren’t good enough for him. He complained about the trophy drought. I don’t think I ever saw him trying to end that drought. No passion on the pitch whatsoever as he allowed the opposition to run straight past him. He rarely breaks into a sprint even in the most vital moments.

Scott Parker is somebody I’d love us to buy. It looks to be a summer of big changes and £8m on him would be a great piece of business. Joe wrote a post on him and I’m on definitely in the “sign him up” brigade. The main reasons: would provide cover for Song, tough tackler but can play a bit, pick the lads up when heads are down, 100% committed in every game, for England he looked good alongside Jack, never gives up, full of passion and a fantastic leader.

‘The Cesc Role’:
This is going to be even shorter because it’s so simple. If Cesc stays he plays here (duh). If he goes, and we should only be accpeting offers over £55m, then it’s Nasri’s new position – also the position Samir prefers and excels in. Rambo could also do a job here, in the future possibly Jack could. It’s the role everyone on our team wants to play – hell, even the Verminator would do it if he got the opportunity.

Thanks for reading and apologies for how short this one was but there isn’t really too much more to say. If you missed any of the other parts, here they are: part 1, part 2, part 3. I’ll be focusing on the forwards next time, which will probably be posted next mid-week,

Raj (@JattGooner)


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