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Just a brief one today

Let’s be honest. We’re all glad that’s over. The Fulham game, the bad run, the season. It’s all been going downhill for such a long time and a summer off is exactly what we need. The most painful thing is watching such a mediocre Manchester United side lift the trophy. They haven’t been good, they’ve just been less crap than everyone else.

In terms of the game today, I didn’t see parts of it admittedly. Struggled to find a good stream but I saw enough to know it was same old Arsenal. It was a pretty boring end to a disappointing season. We went behind in a fashion that has become way too familiar. A stupid Nasri backheel led to the defence being sliced open with ease and then a former Arsenal man slotted home. Is it just me, or do an abnormal amount of ex-arsenal players/arsenal fans score against us? Sidwell, Bent, Adebayor, Bentley, Pennant, Bradley Johnson (The Leeds player who scored the stunner). Anyway, back to the game.

We equalised about 6 minutes later with as much of an “Arsenal” goal as you’d ever wish to see. Diaby turned brilliantly on the ball, played a quick one-two and put RVP through to score in his 9th consecutive away game. Just makes you think. If Van Persie had stayed fit for a little longer, how many more would we have scored?

The game then tailed off and you got the feeling the players were just going through the formalities. Neither side could really be bothered in all honesty. The ball was misplaced so many times by both sets of players and no one was really surprised when Zamora headed home for them in the second half. The defence didn’t react, Chesney stayed on his line and BOOM. 2-1 down, same old same old.

Gera was then conveniently sent off for Fulham, as it meant they wouldn’t have to go through all the qualifying for the Europa League. It was a dreadful challenge aswell, but Vermaelen got up straight away of course. What a man. His goal line clearance today would’ve made Pascal Cygan proud.

With minutes to go, Walcott scored a late equaliser and it was a superb finish aswell. He ran at the defence and struck it low to the far corner. His finishing has improved massively this season, it’s just a shame that he has been plagued by injuries. Nothing changes does it. It was nice to see him actually celebrate the goal though. I have no time for players who don’t celebrate an equaliser, winner etc. No matter what day of the season it is

We need change. You could’ve told that by looking at todays game alone, never mind the whole of the last 3 months. We’re too predictable and teams don’t fear us anymore like they used to. You ask ANYONE whether they’d rather face the current squad or the invincibles, pretty sure I’d know the answer

A few other things. Wenger’s post game comment was, “We cannot buy players for 50m – That is a fact.” We know that Arsene, but a player over 15m would be nice. I wouldn’t be happy if we signed someone for 50m because no one (except maybe an Argentine + a Portugese fella) is worth that sum of money. No one ever asked for that sort of money to be spent. Also, I’d like to congratulate Blackpool for being the most entertaining side of the last 8 months or so. You didn’t deserve to go down. As for Birmingham. HAHAHA. Screw you, hope you get relegated again.

Thats all, roll on next season

Joe (@Tilley_96)


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