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Return to the Cave

Yes the season is all but over. Yes we have nothing really left to play for. Yes most are already thinking about next season. BUT tomorrow is one of the biggest games that we were going to play all season, and it still is.

Tomorrow will be a tough game for so many reasons and the past few days have made me want to win it even more (after seeing the disgraceful comments from stoke fans about Ramsey, I don’t even wish to repeat them). Firstly, we have the problem of trying to deal with Stoke’s lineouts and scrums which is always difficult… In all seriousness, tomorrow will be a chance to try and make up for Bolton and show we CAN deal with set pieces because there will be a lot of them. It looks like Vermaelen will be in for a start after he had an excellent game for the reserves (Visit @YoungGunsBlog if you hadn’t heard) so hopefully, he will bolster our defensive capabilities. My bet would be on Koscienly missing out. A defence of Djourou and the Verminator makes me feel a lot better about Arsenal. I can’t remember the last time Arsenal had a defence that made me feel secure, but that centre back pairing does.

Of course, there is also the issue of Aaron Ramsey. It will be a big test for him going back to the place where Shawcross assaulted him (Yes, assaulted) but I’m confident he’ll just play his football. The Stoke players won’t want to touch him. The rumours about him being booed tommorow are bordering on sick. Why should a player be booed for another player chopping him in half? If Stoke fans want to keep any tiny ounce of respect anyone has for them, they should applaud him and keep quiet. Aaron will be fired up for tomorrow I’m sure and I hope he scores a goal. That would mean so much to him, Wenger and all Arsenal fans.

In terms of the result, I’m confident we will win. Stoke have a cup final next weekend to focus on (by the way, I hope City smash them) and with Vermaelen back in the team, I don’t think we will be as frail. My predicted line-up is: Szczesny, Sagna, Djourou, Vermaelen, Clichy, Wilshere, Song, Ramsey, Arshavin, Walcott, Van Persie. A side more than capable of brushing aside a very average rugby club. As long as we keep cool at the back and play our football, we should win at a canter. I’m going 3-1, with Van Persie scoring two and Arshavin grabbing one.

A few other notes, rumours have been circulating over the departure of Cesc to that diving academy in Barcelona. If it’s true, its a shame and a great loss for the club but I’m sure we can cope. Last Sunday showed glimpses of our future midfield, and it looked bloody brilliant. However, I don’t think anything is confirmed yet. Also, it looks like Wenger is planning talks with super nik over his future. I personally think Bendtner has a lot to offer and Wenger should do all he can to keep him. I know some don’t share my view though …

Finally, I want to wish Gareth Bale a quick recovery. No one deserves severe injuries like that, not even a spurs player. I’m sure spurs would reciprocate that feeling back towards us (well I hope). This shows the difference between proper top tier clubs, and caveman. You know who I’m talking about

So, good luck tomorrow arsenal, and get us the win

Happy St.Totteringhams Day!



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