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There’s always next year…

The last couple of days have been a nice cooling off period and the acceptance that yet another season is about to close with no trophies. I haven’t really been paying any attention to the media because I know exactly whats being said. Its the Wenger-out crew in full force and, as I made clear in Monday’s post, I refuse to be anywhere near those imbeciles.

I’ve been looking at the squad in great detail this week (after analysing the current squad here) and have come to some sort of decision as to what the ideal squad will be for the next campaign. I’ve tried to make my list reasonable, there is no strike force of RVP and Messi.

You’ll see that I’ve included quite a few new signings and you may discard it straightaway. But if anyone actually believes Wenger’s interview where he declared there won’t be changes, they frankly have a screw loose. If a manager says “This summer, I will buy Player X from Club Y”, what is the first thing that will happen? X’s value will double.

Arsene is no fool. If he comes out and admits we’re desperate for a centre-half, we’ll end up paying an extortionate fee and as we know, that’s not his style. He knows that some of these ‘experiments’ have failed. Denilson is just one of these cases. Jeered off at The Hawthorns and has not been seen since.

I’m not going to claim to have any ‘inside knowledge’, nor think that this will definitely be the squad in August. This is simply what I’d like to see, what is possible and what could win the league in 12 months time.

I’ve gone for a Mourinho-esque ‘two in every position’ from when he first joined Chelsea. There isn’t much I like about him, but I’ll admit this is something he got spot on. Having two quality players on every space on the team-sheet is the factor that won them the league, and we are very close to having the same. However, because of our diabolical injury record we need three in each position: at least two being of Champions League standard.

GK: Szczesny / Fabianski / Mannone
RB: Sagna / (NEW SIGNING) / Eboue
CB: Vermaelen / Djourou / Squillaci
CB: (SAKHO) / Koscielney / Bartley
CDM: Song / (PARKER) / Frimpong
CDM: Wilshere / Diaby / Coquelin
LAM: Nasri / (HAZARD) / (Promotion from reserves)
CAM: Fabregas / Ramsey / Lansbury
RAM: Walcott / Arshavin / Watt
CF: Van Persie / (NEW SIGNING) / Chamakh

Tomorrow, I’ll go through exactly why I think its time for certain players to move on and detail my reasoning for this squad. If you have any comments, suggestions for new signings or agree/disagree with any of my choices leave a comment below or tweet me on @JattGooner. I’ll then respond to those in the blog.

Before I go, here’s a little something to get you up for the Man Utd game.

Thanks for reading,

Raj (@JattGooner)


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